“To Thine Own Self Be True!”

Jennifer, dear…who is that?  Because this surely isn’t the former American Idol contestant we remember.  Or even the Jennifer we remember from the BET Awards just last month.

Jennifer Hudson 2.0

For a woman that proclaimed that she was comfortable with her size, People are all the time asking me if I hated Simon for mentioning my weight, and I really do not. I am proud of who I am, that is why I auditioned for the show, because I thought that I had something to bring to the table. …”, this is a dramatic image shift.

I commend her for working hard on her image, everyone knows that the music industry isn’t known for it’s acceptance of diversity.  She has slimmed down quite a bit, I give her a credit!  But let’s deal in reality here, that album cover is not under any circumstance accurate!
I really don’t understand why she would allow such an obviously edited photo to represent her to the world for her first album.  It’s not as if anyone who knows what she looks like in recent appearances or remembers her in any of her roles is going to believe that this is her now.
I am dissapointed in her for caving to marketing pressures to be a cookie cutter image of what a popular artists “should” look like.  This doesn’t speak to the thousands of young women out there that struggle to be accepted the way they are and seen for the beautiful people that they really are.  How will they see this “flip-flop”.  I see it as a slap in the face and a blatant sell out to the”real” women out there that come in all shapes and sizes of beauty.
Shame on you Ms. Hudson!  Too bad that beautiful, powerful voice did not extend to your self image.

Yung Berg= Ignorant Self Loathing Bastard

It’s hard to know where to start on this dumb ass!  I will try not to showcase the most negative parts of our culture on my blog, but this calls for publicity.  “Yung Berg” during an interview with Lip Service as posted on Bossip http://www.bossip.com/20698/the-face-of-a-true-dumb-ass/ has decidedly stated his distaste for darker skinned black women.  It’s all fine and good to have personal preferences about the women you date but when you denigrate your own culture as well as the women of color in your own family.  YOU’VE CROSSED THE LINE!  I don’t know how to post audio yet, so I’ll refer you to Bossip.com, as noted above, but trust in the fact that it’s pretty much universally offensive.

Basically “Yung Jack-Ass” goes on to state classic line like:

“I’m kinda racist, I don’t really like dark butts”

“its rare that I do dark butts”

“…no darker than me”

”… any girl that uses brown gel to lay down her baby hair is not poppin”

 And those are just the highlights!

IF you have his CD, throw that shit in traffic!! (safely folks) but then I also I must question your judgement , because he does in fact suck! 

Updated reference (thanks Cannon) IF you have his MP3, CD or any other music form…destroy that shit, send it back to the label…I don’t know, but disown it!

If you don’t well, good for you, kudos for being a smart consumer.


I have spoken my piece and the anger has subsided!  I shall continue on with having a great day!


WANTED! That movie is beyond BAD ASS!

  There’s no real way to quantify how much a movie makes you wish your life was way cooler!  To begin, I will thank God and all of my former supervisors that my life is nothing like Wesley’s (James MacAvoy).  Second, I will curse my love of Apple Blossoms and Mexican food, that I do not and will not ever have an iota of the sexiness that is embodied through Fox, (Angelina Jolie in any role that she ever plays)!


Those two things being said, that movie was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!  From the opening sequence, you say to yourself…”this is going to be the greatest 2 hours I’ll never get back!”  There’s something about assassin movies that brings out the homicidal maniac in me.  I mean, I’m not a violent person, per say, but after Golgo 13, The Professional, Kill Bill Vol 1., I always leave the theater wishing I was in fact on my way to bend space and time with a bullet, machete or even a gel point roller ball pin.  It makes me wanna lose 20 lbs., sew together my sexy yet functional vinyl sniper attire and get to sniping!  But of course I don’t, I go home, have a glass of wine and let delusions of monied, sanguinary grandeur dance in my head.

Back to this raging cinematic triumph (too much?)  Gotta give a shout out to the soundtrack guy real quick, Danny Elfman, great job!  Okay…I don’t want to be sued or otherwise flogged for giving away this movie but being a descendant of a weaver has never been so glamorous!  You are taken from the dull, aneurysm inducing life of Wesley, the single most achingly insigificant account manager through his transformation into the guy who I’d want to kill me if in fact I was on the list.

Angelina Jolie need only enter the scene, and it’s stolen.  I find it amazing that she is almost universally declared the sexiest woman alive, by either man or woman but yet she plays ruthless assassin with such ease.  Thank you, Angelina, thank you, beautiful and deadly wins ’em over every time.

Morgan Freeman, everyone’s favorite benevolent, old guy.  Except in this one.  I can’t say too much about the twist here, but he has one of THE FUNNIEST LINES in the movie.  Not because of what was said, but because HE said it!

Common, I can’t say much about his performance, because well…he didn’t say much.  I’d love to see more of his ability showcased, but he breathes extraordinary life into facial expressions in the meantime.

So in synopsis, see Wanted or you are doing yourself a great disservice.




My New Favorite Entertainment…

My new favorite form of entertainment is something that I am quite late to the game on…Podcast!  Yes, yes, I know I have arrived quite late to the party.  Everyone is already drunk and I’m standing around conspicuously trying to get in on the jokes; that are already in progress.

The most enjoyable Podcast I have encountered so far is a series entitled, How To Succeed In Evil, by Patrick E. McLean.


by Patrick E. McLean

Mr. McLean, can I call you Patrick?  Ok, Patrick, thank you!   Patrick’s writing and narration are HILARIOUS!  The type of slow, deadpan wit, that you want to take in every word and repeat it with the same wry humor…but you can’t, you’re just simply not as talented.  So, instead I have resigned to try and share with as many people as possible, my new favorite author.  I can’t provide a synopsis really, because well…you’d deem me insane, and it’s only my second blog.  I need to keep you with me for a bit longer before I am carted off.  If you’d be interested in learning how a company sees using zombies as a way to manage labor costs or how a super villain saw fit to spend $45 million dollars on exploding robots only to demand $10 million for the ransom in which they would be used.  Patrick’s your man!  These and many other completely ridiculous scenarios have been played out for your listening pleasure in the Podcast, How To Succeed In Evil.

Patrick, here’s to you, Succeedinevil.com AND Theseanachai.com!  May my tiny blogging effort increase your traffic, by 3.  The 3 people who have read my blog.

Until next time….



The Maiden Voyage

Welcome “My Friends”, to All Things Considered!  I will start by mentioning that this is my first blog, save for random MySpace entries.  This is something I wanted to do for awhile but in all honesty, just talked about.  So please bear with my novice foray into the belly of the “interweb”.

The mission of this blog will be to share with you places I go, music I hear, things I see and the general “human experience” of well, my life.  An ordinary life I suppose, and that is what I believe will make your time here that much more meaningful.  Over time, I will become more familiar with new and exciting ways to make this blog fun, unique and a destination point.

So visit and return often as I welcome you into my own “Being John Malkovich” of sorts!

Oh!  I am currently accepting suggestions!  All that I ask is , please be kind……”you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar!”